An original concept that combines the advantages of the traditional wine cellar and the wine cabinet. Composed of a watertight tank and a cylindrical module mounted on a hydraulic cylinder. A simple press on the electric control makes it possible to raise the Wine Cave. You do not go down to the cellar, it's the cellar that comes to you!

Wine Cave Concept

the concept

style, space & protection for your wine

The wine cave is a high tech concept composed of a cylindrical airtight tank, a departed motor, a unit supporting the bottles and a hydraulic cylinder. With the push of a key switch the wine cave rises right up to you.

When closed the wine cave can support a man's weight. The ventilated wine cave protects your vintage wines from temperature variations, light and noise.

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space saving, functional wine cave

The wine cave can be included in any room of your house. Living in the ground it does not take up any space and can be fitted with a tiled, wood or concrete top to make it discreet or a feature of your room.

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With one press of a button you can bring the wine cave up to you. It can also be stopped at a suitable level to be used as a tasting table.

Discreet Wine Cave

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